Air raid shelter door at Auschwitz

Hans Lamker and Hans Nowak have shown in detail how the SS installed modern (and highly) expensive microwave delousing facilities to protect the lives of inmates. [1]

As part of the struggle against typhus, the cyanide-gas delousing method (using Zyklon-B) was partially replaced by micro-wave delousing process in May, 1943. State-of-the-art technology was thus taking place at Auschwitz, developed by the Siemens company, described by Germar Rudolf as ‘the world’s first technological predecessor to the microwave ovens in common use today.’ Birkenau was the largest labour complex in the Reich and therefore received this special treatment. Owing to Allied bombing its implementation was delayed and it did not become operational until the summer of 1944. It turned out to be highly effective, rendering clothing sterile and vermin-free in minutes.

Together with Michael Gärtner and Werner Rademacher, they are currently working on a comprehensive history of the Auschwitz camp, equipped with all means necessary to ensure the survival of tens of thousands of prisoners: hospitals, dentists, kitchens, laundries, butchers, as well as recreation facilities like sport fields and gardens.

This building, just inside the main gate was used during the war as a brothel for the inmates. It was not a secret that the camp had a brothel; it was mentioned in books and its existence was confirmed by the Auschwitz Museum officials.

It was established in the summer of 1943 on Himmler's order, was located in  Block 24 and was used to reward privileged prisoners.



The camp kitchen - one of the largest service buildings in Auschwitz, with state-of-the-art cooking facilities.
There were  twelve of these throughout the camp.

The caloric content of the diet was carefully monitored by camp and Red Cross delegates. It only deteriorated in Auschwitz and other camps towards the end of the war when German railroads and the entire transport system collapsed under constant aerial attacks.


Together with the fact that the overall costs of erecting this camp complex were on the order of magnitude of some five hundred million dollars, these facilities clearly contradict an intention by the German authorities to use this camp as an extermination center. There are cheaper ways of killing humans than to spend 500 dollars per capita. [2]

Compare it to the postwar American death camps along the river Rhein in Germany, where German POWs were held captured and died by the thousands between 1945 and 1947 due to lack of food, water, and medical care. All you need for an extermination camp is barbed wire and a few guards, just a few thousand dollars in materials.


2. W. Rademacher, M. Gärtner, "Berichte zum KL Auschwitz", VffG 4, no. 3-4 (2000)

The Himmler order to stop the gassing of the Jews
By Göran Holming
Translated by Thomas Kuess

As is well known, no order or any other of kind directive from Hitler or Himmler exists that call for the extermination or gassing of the Jews. On the other hand, allied propaganda alleges that there exists an order from Himmler to stop the gassings. [1] If such an order indeed existed, it would provide strong evidence that gassings actually took place.

The allegation is question is based upon a written statement made by SS-Standartenführer Kurt Becher before the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal:

Between the middle of September and October 1944 I caused the Reichsführer SS Himmler to issue the following order, which I received in two originals, one each for SS Generals Kaltenbrunner and Pohl, and a carbon copy for myself: 'Effective immediately I forbid any liquidation of Jews and order that, on the contrary, hospital care should be given to weak and sick persons. I hold you (and here Kaltenbrunner and Pohl were meant) personally responsible even if this order should not be strictly adhered to by lower echelons.' I personally took Pohl's copy to him at his office in Berlin and left the copy for Kaltenbrunner at his office in Berlin. [2]

No such order was ever recovered, and no-one could prove that it had existed.

This caused Raul Hilberg to write:

In November 1944, Himmler decided that for practical purposes the Jewish question had been solved. On the twenty-fifth of that month he ordered the dismantling of the killing installations. [3]

In a footnote he states as his source:

"Witness statement by Kurt Becher on March 8, 1946, PS-3762."

The witness statement however does not say anything like this. [4] Other Holocaust writers have thereafter copied Hilberg, using his book as their source.

A demonstrative example may be found in the work of Berenbaum and Gutman. There we read once again of the alleged November 25 Himmler order to "demolish the gas chambers and crematoria in Auschwitz". In the note to this passage however, we find the following:

According to the testimony of the leader of the Hungarian Zionists, Reszo Kastner, the Himmler co-worker Kurt Becher had shown him the copy of an order to destroy the gas chambers and the crematoria. This order was dated to November 25, 1944. [5]

This date is also found in the notes of an anynomous author, a prisoner and a member of the Sonderkommando, who wrote, that the dismantling of Krematorium II had begun on November 25.

To me as an officer, it seems very peculiar that the formidable SS colonel Kurt Becher went around showing top secret Himmler orders to Jewish leaders. The order was so secret that only three copies were made and no record of it was preserved – yet Jewish representatives were allowed to read it!

Already back in 1972 I had made the acquantaince of an older German cavalry officer, who was married to a very famous dressage rider. During the years that followed I met Mr. Becher on a number of occassions in connection with riding events in Germany, but it was not until relatively late, probably in 1993, that I realized that he was the same person as the famous SS colonel. I know asked him for a meeting, and on October 26, 1994, he received me at his home in Bremen, where he – visibly amused by my curiosity – told me in detail of his time as an officer in the Waffen-SS, and of his service during the war in the 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer.

Between summer and autumn of 1944 Becher was in Hungary to buy horses for his own division as well the German army. In connection with this he came into contact with leading Hungarian Jews, among them the aforementioned Kastner. Through Himmler Becher managed to see to that 1,000 of the wealthiest Budapest Jews, among them the arms industry tycoon Weiss, later a resident of New York City, in the autumn of 1944 were given the opportunity to travel to enemy-controlled territory via Bergen-Belsen. There next followed the notorious negotiations between Kastner and Becher about letting another 100,000 Budapest Jews travel to Palestine in exchange for 10,000 US made trucks.

During this conversation the leading Jews expressed their concern for what would happen to their co-religionists once the front of the war reached the German concentration camps such as Auschwitz in the east and Natzweiler and Neuengamme in the west. Surely the guards would not start killing off the Jews when this happened? Remarkably, none of them showed any greater concern for what would happen to the Jews in the camps before the war reached those places.

Becher calmed the Hungarian Jews by assuring them, that he would soon see Himmler and that he would then tell him of their concerns. Becher met with Himmler at the end of September or in early October, most likely on September 25, thus giving rise to the date recurring in literature. Himmler immediately issued an order stating that: "as enemy troups reaches the concentration camps, these are to be surrendered without fighting. Necessary measures are to be taken in order that this may take place in good order and without the loss of prisoner lives."

To my question why he had made a diametrically opposite statement at Nuremberg, Becher merely replied ambiguously, that I did not understand what the situation had been like during the Nuremberg trial. [6] Kurt Becher later made a large fortune through business with the Israeli State. As our conversations were broken off by the death of Becher in August 1995, I unfortunately never received any clarifications regarding this matter.

The cheerful laughter of Becher's that I got as an answer to my question concerning the alleged November 25 order to demolish the Auschwitz gas chambers would clearly indicate that this claim is to be ascribed to the usual falsifiers of history.

The order which Kurt Becher in fact received from Himmler was, according to Becher, issued in three copies: one for the head of Gestapo, Kaltenbrunner, one for the head of the SS Department of Economical Administration (WVHA), SS-General Oswald Pohl, and one which was kept by Becher, but never shown to anyone. Becher personally delivered the orders to the mentioned other two. Why the order was only issued in three copies and kept so secret that it had to be handed over in person by a colonel, is easily explained: what Himmler had written in it constituted a clear admission, that the war was lost and that enemy forces would advance and reach the inner parts of Germany. It thus was a clearly defeatist piece of writing, for which the author could expect the death penalty, should it fall into the wrong hands. The mere idea that such a secret paper would be shown to an enemy person such as Kastner is laughable, the claim bearing the traits of an Oriental rather than European way of thinking.

As Kurt Becher showed himself to be enjoying our conversation and made the impression of being honest, I finally asked him:

What then is the truth about the gassing of European Jews, and what do you know about it? After all you spent much time together with the best informed and leading Hungarian Jews.

To this, Becher replied:

I heard about these things for the first time when I was brought to Nuremberg as a prisoner. What the truth really is, I don't know, but the allegations are in any case enormously exaggerated, as we all know.

This means that at the end of September/beginning of October 1944, Kurt Becher received an order that the concentration camps should be peacefully surrendered to the approaching enemy in order to save human lives. Out of this, the falsifiers of history at Nuremberg made up the allegation, that on November 25, 1944 Himmler had issued Kurt Becher an order to cease the gassings and destroy the Auschwitz gas chambers. [7]


 [1] The author of this article for many years served as an officer in the Royal Swedish Navy. Translator's note.
[2] IMT Document PS-3762; IMT Volume XXXII, p. 68. [The original German text reads: Etwa zwischen Mitte September und Mitte Oktober 1944 erwirkte ich beim Reichsminister SS Himmler folgenden Befehl, den ich in zwei Originalen, je eins für die SS-Obergruppenführer Kaltenbrunner und Pohl und einer Copie für mich erhielt: "Ich verbiete mit sofortiger Wirkung jegliche Vernichtung von Juden und befehle im Gegenteil die Pflege von schwachen und kranken Personen. Ich halte Sie (damit waren Kaltenbrunner und Pohl gemeint) persönlich dafür verantwortlich, auch wenn dieser Befehl von untergeordneten Dienststellen nicht strikt befolgt wird!" Ich überbrachte Pohl das für ihn bestimmte Exemplar persönlich in Berlin in seiner Dienststelle und gab das Exemplar für Kaltenbrunner in seinem Sekretariat in Berlin ab.]
[3] Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews, Quadrangle Books, Chicago 1961, p. 631.
[4] That is, it does not mention the dismantling of any gas chambers or other kinds of killing installations. Translator's note.
[5] Israel Gutman, Michael Berenbaum (eds.), Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Indiana University Press, Bloomington/Indianapolis 1994, p. 174 and 181, note 74.
[6] Cf. Germar Rudolf (Ed.), Dissecting the Holocaust, Second edition, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2003, pp. 85-132.
[7] This article was originally published in German in Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung, No. 1(4) (1997), p. 258ff.


This extremely well-preserved echo from the Nazi Holocaust is an original postcard sent from by one of the very first Polish inmates interned in Auschwitz. It was written on an official formulary Auschwitz postcard. The front bears the original Hitler stamp cancelled at the Auschwitz 2 post office on February 2, 1942. In the middle, vertically written section the inmate, Johann Klausa, signed his name, indicated his prisoner number (#1124), birthdate (November 22, 1908), block number (13) and postal address (K.L. Auschwitz O/S Postamt 2). Auschwitz archives indicate he was one of 100 prisoners sent from the police prison in Sosnowitz to Auschwitz on June 25, 1940, barely one month after the camp had opened. The historical value of this item is increased significantly by the fact that Klausa was one of the inmates to be released from Auschwitz. [Johann Karski's brother was also released from Auschwitz during the war]. Archives of the State Museum of Auschwitz indicate Johann Klausa’s release occurred on November 27, 1943 after he surviving nearly 3 and one-half years in the camp. The card was written on January 18, 1942 to a brother living in Hohenlinde, Kreis Kattowitz, Oberschlesien (occupied Poland). The message contents are written in German in the older cursive style. The face of the letter is imprinted "Konzentrationslager Auschwitz" along with the camp commandant’s regulations for sending and receiving mail. Also on front appears the boxed red 3-line handstamp, "Postzensurstelle K.L.Auschwitz...Geprüft" applied and initialed by the SS censor.


Johann Klausa
geboren am 22.XI.08, Block 13
Gef. Nr. 1124,
KL Auschwitz O/S.
Postamt 2

Auschwitz, Oberschlesien, 10.5.42


       An Herrn
Hubert Klausa
       Krs Kattowitz O/S.

Auschwitz den 10.V.42

Liebster Bruder und Schwägerin!

Schreibe wieder zu Euch paar Wörter und theile mit, daß ich mich bei bester Gesundheit befinde und auch von Euch dasselbe hoffe. Wie gehts dem Bruder [.] Wilhelm befindet sich noch in Witebsk oder ist schon weiter hat er die letzte Zeit geschrieben? Warum schreibt Ihr so wenig? Könnt ja jede 14 Tage schreibe und öfters. Was macht denn der Fernes kommt er oft zu Euch? Besten Gruß an Euch alle und Bekannte.


[Translation (the punctuation is sparse)]

From convict Johann Klausa
born Nov 22, 1908,
Block 13,
Prisoner No. 1124, Auschwitz Prisoner of War Camp ...

Auschwitz, Upper Silesia, May 10, 1942

Dear brother and sister in law

I'm writing you a few words again and inform you that I am in best of health and hope the same of you. How are things with brother Wilhelm is he still in Witebsk or is he already further on than that has he written in recent times? Why do you write so little? You can write every fourteen days and more often. What is Fernes (?) doing, does he often come to see you? Best wishes to you all and acquaintances.

Did the Inmates in Auschwitz know?

Traditional Holocaust historiasns claim in many of their arguments that in Auschwitz nobody knew what was going on 24 hours a day at the other side of the fence. That is the only way to explain many passages of what survivors tell about their experiences in the camp, mainly a common life in a work camp.

But...according to Eliezer Hauser, the brother of a Sonderkommando, the smell of burning bodies from the crematoria was constantly in the air.

When Elie Wiesel stepped off the cattle car at the Auschwitz subcamp Birkenau, "he smelled the stench of burning human flesh and saw the crematorium throwing its flames into the sky..."

Sonderkommandos were inmates and had contact with other inmates. Innmates were taken out to work in the manufacturing facilities in nearby towns, transferred out, escaped and were released.
So it is impossible to say that someone did not know what was supposedly happening there. Such a thing should be known by everybody... and that doesn't match at all with MOST of survivors tales.

The story says: 'two thousand per batch waited outside the gas chambers while two thousand inside were being gassed, they went in and never came out'
... impossible for other inmates to miss that....

The story says: 'screams of those being gassed could be heard'
... so then, other inmates did 'know'....

The story says: 'bodies were piled high outside the crematoriums'
... impossible for other inmates to miss that....

All photographs of heaps of corpses were taken in Western camps around the end of the war, such as Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, and Buchenwald, where historians now agree no mass murders took place. Significantly, there are no such photographs taken at the camps in which mass murder is alleged to have occurred (Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, Chelmno, Majdanek.) These eastern camps were all in areas which came under Soviet control at war's end. It is very telling that the Soviets released no pictures of mass graves or heaps of corpses and allowed no journalists, medical professionals, or other experts to examine the camps

The story says: 'trainloads of in coming Jews were immediately sent to the gas chambers, they were gassed on arrival'
... impossible for other inmates to miss seeing the trains unloaded and the contents disappear....

The story says: 'after being gassed, luggage, shoes, and hair were left behind, it's proof of extermination'
... piles of hair & possessions left behind, the people are nowhere to be seen, but the inmates curiously wouldn't have noticed....


The Germans left thousands of Jews behind when they evacuated. This was after the Jews were given a CHOICE to leave with them or stay and await the advancing Soviets. MOST CHOSE TO RETREAT WITH THE GERMANS.

Fixing The Numbers At Auschwitz
By Dan Stets, Knight-Ridder/Tribune
May 7, 1992

OSWIECIM, POLAND — Beyond the Death Wall and the prisoners` barracks, past the ruined gas chambers and crematoriums, at the edge of the Auschwitz death camp, is a row of 19 concrete memorials.

The memorials are dedicated to the victims of the Nazi killing machine that operated here with such horrific efficiency. But gone now from the memorials are the 19 inscriptions that said in 19 languages that four million people died here.

The memorials are blank because they were wrong.

Jewish and Polish scholars of the Holocaust now agree that the Auschwitz death toll was less than half the four million cited here for four decades. The actual number was probably between 1.1 million and 1.5 million-and at least 90 percent of the victims were Jews.

The fiction that more than a million non-Jews died here was a myth created by Poland`s communist leaders.

It was only after the fall of the last communist government in 1989 that Polish historians were finally allowed to say what Franciszek Piper, manager of historical department at Auschwitz, says he had known for five years. Jewish scholars say they knew the truth for at least 10 years.

But Piper, an ex-communist Pole, and Jewish historians have different explanations of why it took so long for the truth to come out.

Sitting in his drab little Auschwitz office, filled with books on the transport of prisoners and the operation of crematoriums, Piper said that years of research were needed to get to the truth and that then, "the people in charge of publishing" in communist Poland "didn`t believe" the lower number.

However, Jewish Holocaust specialists said they suspected more malevolent motives.

"The numbers that we dealt with before were numbers that were politically motivated," said Miles Lerman, chairman of international relations for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council in Washington.

The communists tried to "de-Judaize" Auschwitz to emphasize that other nationalities, particularly Poles, died at the hands of the Nazis, said Lerman, who is also a member of the International Council of the State Museum of Auschwitz.

He said the downward revision was first made at the museum, which is run by the Polish government, after it was personally approved by Poland`s first post-communist prime minister, Tadeusz Mazowiecki.

"We are not looking for enormous numbers," Lerman said. "We are looking for historical veracity. The old inscriptions were removed because they presented a politically slanted picture."

The communists tried not only here but also in the former Soviet Union and throughout Eastern Europe to de-emphasize the suffering of the Jews, said Aaron Breitbart, research director for the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. "The communists looked at the war against Nazism not as a human issue but as one ideology fighting another, so they tended to misappropriate the Holocaust for their own political goals," said Breitbart.

"Poles were incarcerated in Auschwitz, Poles were murdered in Auschwitz, but they died different deaths and they died for different reasons and the numbers were much smaller," said Lerman.

In addition to Jews, Auschwitz`s victims included Gypsies, Soviet prisoners of war, Poles, French, Dutch, Germans and other nationals, as well as political dissidents, homosexuals, criminals and prostitutes.

The Poles and other non-Jews were mostly starved, poisoned or lined up against the infamous Death Wall and shot. The Jews were herded into the gas chambers. The only other people gassed were Gypsies and some Russian POWs.

One of the sad truths about Auschwitz, Polish and Jewish historians agree, is that the exact number of victims will never be known. The Nazis destroyed most of the camp records to cover up their crimes.

Piper said he used the transport records uncovered by scholars throughout Europe to determine the number of victims. The results of his study were first published by the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem last year.

He calculates 1.1 million died-one million Jews, 70,000 to 75,000 Poles, 21,000 Gypsies, 15,000 Soviet POWs and 5,000 from other countries.

He estimates two million to three million Poles died during World War II, but the overwhelming majority were not killed in Auschwitz, even though the camp was first opened in 1940 for Polish political prisoners. The camp became the extermination center for Jews in 1942.

His study indicates that the Soviets got their original estimates from the testimony of former inmates, camp guards and the camp commander.

Israel Gutman, a historian at Hebrew University in Israel and former Auschwitz prisoner, estimates there were 1.5 million victims at Auschwitz, of which 93 percent to 95 percent were Jews, and roughly the same number of other victims calculated by Piper.

Gutman, vice chairman of the international council on Auschwitz, praised Piper`s work, but said he believed that Piper underestimated the number of Polish Jews who were transported to the camp.

Piper agrees the number could be greater, perhaps as many as 1.5 million, if some transports were larger than planned and some records were completely lost, but 1.1 million is all he has been able to document.

But what does dramatically lowering the number of victims do to the previous estimates of six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust?"

The downward revision actually strengthens the case that 5.5 million to six million Jews died in the Holocaust, said Breitbart. The earlier estimate of two million or more Jews killed at Auschwitz, added to the numbers who died elsewhere, produced a total of more than seven million.

We have to be careful with numbers," said Breitbart, "because it just gives Holocaust-deniers the opportunity to come up with the idea that there was no Holocaust because the numbers were wrong."`

Since Polish and Jewish scholars are in rough agreement about the numbers, why are the 19 memorials still blank?

"The reason it takes so long is that we want to be sure that the new inscriptions are separated from politics and that they are historically correct,"` said Lerman, who is in charge of a task group expected to resolve the issue finally at a meeting here in late May.

He said the new inscriptions "will reflect the truth-that this is a place where citizens of various countries occupied by Nazi Germany were incarcerated, tortured and killed, and that approximately 1.5 million perished here and that the overwhelming majority of victims were Jews."`

Piper said delays in replacing the inscriptions have been caused by disagreements among the members of the international council. For example, he said, some want a quotation from the Bible, which the atheists on the panel objected to.

Gutman said it was not clear at all whether the new inscriptions would contain a number. The total will be presented somewhere else in the museum.

Lerman said the revision of the long-accepted record might be especially hard for Holocaust survivors to accept.

"Every one of them feels that he is knowledgeable and that he is an authority on history," Lerman said. "Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The Buna Works

The Buna Works, which Dr. Morgen mentioned, was another name for .  So, two top SS officials knew about the gas chamber at Monowitz, but what about the prisoners?  Did they also know about the Monowitz gas chamber.  Yes!

Strangely, the Allies did not do any research on the Auschwitz camps, or they would have discovered that there was a “Gaskammer” in the Monowitz camp, where they were bombing the factories. 

The most frequent criticism of President Roosevelt, who failed to stop the Holocaust, centers on the claim that U.S. planes could have bombed the tracks leading to the Auschwitz II camp, aka Birkenau.  U.S. planes did, in fact, bomb the railroad tracks in Germany, which caused even more deaths of Jews, but did not stop the gassing.  For example, the deaths of thousands of Jews on the “death train” to Dachau.

Incidentally, one of the American pilots who flew over Auschwitz in 1944 was young George McGovern, the future presidential nominee.

Bombing the homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz would not have done much good because the disinfection buildings, where the clothing was deloused, could have then been used to kill the Jews.

The photo above shows one of the buildings where the clothing of the prisoners at the Auschwitz II camp was disinfected with Zyklon-B, the same gas that was used to murder the Jews in the crematoria buildings.

Six Million Victims 

While most orthodox Holocaust historians arrive at slightly lower numbers of Jewish victims, it seems to be an unwritten law in Western society that it is not permissible to go below the five million limit. Raul Hilberg, whose three-volume study The Destruction of the European Jews is universally recognized as the standard work on the Holocaust, puts Jewish population losses during World War Two at 5.1 million.

Gerald Reitlinger, author of The Final Solution, did not accept the six million figure. He estimated the figure of Jewish wartime dead might be as high as 4.6 million, but admitted that this was conjectural due to a lack of reliable information.

The Jewish Year Book (London 1956) notes that it is commonly stated that six million Jews were "done to death by Hitler", but that Reitlinger has suggested a possible lower estimate of 4,194,200 "missing Jews" of whom an estimated one third died of natural causes. This would reduce the number of Jews deliberately exterminated to 2,796,000.

In order to demonstrate the fraudulent methods used by the orthodox Holocaust historians, here are some figures from Raul Hilberg's work plus some from a book written by another famous Jewish Holocaust expert, The War against the Jews by Lucy Dawidowicz. According to Hilberg, 2.67 million out of the total 5.1 million Jewish victims were murdered in six camps which the orthodox historians call "extermination camps", a term found in no German wartime document. This means that 2.43 million Holocaust victims must have met their fate outside these "extermination centers". But Lucy Dawidowicz tells us a completely different story, contending that no less than 5.37 million Jews were gassed in the "six killing factories". Since her total death count is 5.9 million, these figures imply only 530,000 Jews died outside the "extermination camps". Now, how do the two august scholars arrive at their figures? What sources do they quote? The answer is very simple: None. While both books are replete with footnotes about the most trifling things, none of the two authors makes the slightest attempt to explain what their statistics are based upon. Quite obviously, these statistics are purely arbitrary and devoid of any scientific value.

Hilberg and Dawidowicz name totally different death figures for some of the "extermination camps" - for example, Dawidowicz states that no less than 1.38 million Jews were murdered at Majdanek, while Hilberg contents himself with 50,000 , and Hilberg's figure of Jews who died outside the "extermination centers" is nearly five times higher than Dawidowicz', yet both authors claim a total death Jewish toll of between five and six million, and both are hailed as splendid historians by the media.

When following the evolution of the Holocaust history, we notice that the death figures given for the so-called extermination camps Auschwitz and Majdanek have been drastically reduced by the orthodox historians in the last decades.

Jacques Attali (a Jewish businessman and historian) decreed:

The immense majority of Jews murdered were killed by German soldiers' and military policemen's individual weapons, between 1940 and 1942, and not by the death-works, which were put into place afterwards.

-- 'Groupes de criminels?", L'Express, June 1, 2006).  

This implicit way of writing off the alleged Nazi gas chambers is becoming regular practice.

Attempts are made to replace the Auschwitz lie with the lie of Babi Yar or those of other fantastical slaughters in the Ukraine or the Baltic countries but not once are we provided with scientific evidence concerning them, such as reports of exhumation and post-mortems as has been the case with the real massacres perpetrated by the Soviets at Katyn, Vinnitsa or elsewhere.

Large numbers of Jews were shot in Russia. This was entirely understandable for a number of reasons. Jews were disproportionately involved in the communist partisan warfare against the German troops. The Soviet hierarchy was very heavily Jewish in those days and a great many of these Jews deserved their fate. However, a certain number of the western Jews deported to Russia were also shot, either out of pure malice or because the Germans found it easier to liquidate them than house them. It is also known that Jews were put to work in Russia for the Germans, building roads or making uniforms or other materials for the Wehrmacht.

One key piece of evidence for what really happened to the Jews in Russia has disappeared. That is the diary of  Heinrich Himmler. Himmler’s diaries were in Israeli hands after the war but have not been seen since. That would logically suggest that there is something in them which does not fit the story of every Jew killed in Russia. Himmler was in charge of all security operations in Russia and, thus, the suppression of his diaries is very indicative of cover up.

Other facts do not fit the extermination claims either. Many of the Jews in western Europe were not rounded up until very late in the war, 1944. The Jews in France and Hungary were not even rounded up until the time of the Normandy landings. By the end of the war, only 75,000 out of 250,000 total Jews in France had even been deported (not killed) by the Germans. Surely if the Nazis had wanted to kill every Jew in Europe the round ups would have begun as soon as France fell, in May 1940. The same applies to Hungary where Admiral Horthy, the regent, could have been prevailed upon long before 1944 to begin the necessary liquidations.


The Mauthausen concentration camp was established shortly after Germany annexed Austria in March 1938.

Next to the Alps, the Carpathian Range is the major mountain barrier of Europe. Extending about 900 miles (1,450 kilometers) across south-central Europe, dividing eastern Europe north and south.

The ICRC's Special Office in Arolsen keeps track of all officially documented deaths in German concentration camps of the Third Reich. A summary from December 31, 1983, documents a total of 282,077 deaths.

Since the Red Cross found more deaths at Mauthausen, the Austrian camp in the Czech corridor, than at Auschwitz, it would stand to reason most of the South East European Jews went there rather than over the Carpathian mountains into Poland. Why would the Germans ship them the way around or across the Carpathians, when the very disciplined camp of Mauthausen in Austria was much closer?

It is clear that Mauthausen housed the Hungarian, Rumanian, Czech, and Bulgarian Jews. Just due to railway routes, geographics, logistics.

The theory of the  mass destruction of the Hungarian Jews is based on documents of the Nuremberg Tribunal, but such documents are by no means always genuine, or true, and only ever provide evidence for deportations - they never document an extermination. One is reminded of the example of Dachau, the concentration camp where the IMT alleged that hundreds of thousands were gassed, a claim which in the end turned out to be nothing more substantial than an atrocity propaganda lie.

The US War Refugee Board’s Final Summary Report states that more than 200,000 Jews from Budapest were exempted from deportations following negotiations with the SS. Also, in its report the International Red Cross stated that some 100,000 Jews poured into Budapest from the provinces.

The Encyclopaedia  Britannica in its 1963 edition states that:

"At Mauthausen, one of the extermination camps in Austria, close to 2,000,000 people, mostly Jews, were exterminated between 1941 and 1945"

Now, the death toll has been revised:

"An estimated 197,464 prisoners passed through the Mauthausen camp system between August 1938 and May 1945. At least 95,000 died there. More than 14,000 were Jewish."

--United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC

An exaggeration of 1,905,000!

This camp is no longer considered by official sources who support the holocaust legend as an “extermination camp,” nor is it still claimed that any camps on German soil were either.


If a systematic extermination of several million persons had really taken place during WW II, it would have required meticulous organization, involving thousands of persons. An operation on this scale could not possibly take place without a great number of written instructions. Nothing could be done in a strictly hierarchical bureaucratic state like the Third Reich without written orders.

Danuta Czech

Danuta Czech's work Kalendarium der Ereignisse im Konzentrationslager Auschwitz-Birkenau (1939-1945) is considered by orthodox historians to be by far the most important work on the history of Auschwitz camp. The second edition, which appeared in 1989, differs very considerably from the edition published in 1960. In her monumental opus, Danuta Czech indicates, for every individual day in the history of the camp, the most important events, giving, for the most part, the exact numbers of persons gassed, for every day on which gassings are said to have taken place. What is the basis for Danuta Czech's allegations? German documents? Of course not!

In many cases, her sources consist of testimonies given after the war (eyewitness reports or confessions during trials), but for the most part they consist of secret notes kept by prisoners working in the offices of the Gestapo, giving information on inmate transports arriving at Auschwitz: date of arrival, first and last registration numbers of the newly arriving inmates, and, in many cases, the origin of the transports. The notes were smuggled out of the camp in 1944. There is nothing in them about gassings. Danuta Czech then compares the information appearing in the notes with reference to the numerical strength of every convoy, and compares them to the data appearing in the documents of the German police offices responsible for the transports. Great discrepancies are then noted; only some of the Jews deported, according to the German files, appear in the secret notes of the inmates! All the "missing" Jews are simply listed by Danuta Czech as having been "gassed"! At the same time, it is known that some deported persons never arrived at Auschwitz, for the simple reason that they were unloaded 100 km further west -- at Cosel -- and housed in local work camps. This has been shown by the French Jew Serge Klarsfeld in his Mémorial de la Déportation des Juifs de France. In a few cases, D. Czech acknowledges the selection of Jews for local camps in the second edition of her book. Consistently ignored by her, however, is the fact that many of the "gassed" Jews suddenly reappeared later, far East of Auschwitz, in the Baltic states and White Russia. This means that the reason why these Jews were not registered at Auschwitz was because Auschwitz only served as a transit camp for them. Her "gassing" figures are therefore pure fantasy, and her method can only be termed a shameless falsification of evidence. In this regard, consult Enrique Aynat's work Estudios sobre el 'Holocausto' [Graficas Hurtado, Valencia 1994. 9) Quoted here according to Kogon/Langbein/Rückerl].

Jean-Claude Pressac 

In September 1983, a book by the French pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac was hailed by the world's "free press" with deafening fanfare as the rebuttal of the revisionists. It is called Les crématoires d'Auschwitz , and also appeared in German from Piper Verlag under the title of Die Krematorien von Auschwitz. Pressac had already published a gigantic book under the title Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers, which is, however, hardly mentioned by the mass media.

In the introduction to his second book, Pressac repeatedly promises that he will not base his book on eyewitness testimonies, but will instead rely solely upon documents. During the reading, the astonished reader then notes that, every time the author begins to speak of concrete "gassing" operations, he cites an eyewitness as his source! As "definitive proof" of the existence of the execution gas chambers, he cites a document which contains not a single word relating to the gassing of human beings; it is simply a business letter related to the ordering of "gas testers".

As the "final proof" for homicidal gassings in Auschwitz, Pressac cites a business letter dated 6 March 1943 from the oven construction firm Topf & Söhne to the Central Construction of Auschwitz. The firm confirms receipt of a telegram ordering 10 gas testers.

Faurisson considers the letter to be genuine, but most revisionists consider it a falsification. We tend to the forgery theory, on the following grounds, stated by Walter Rademacher, among others:

- Devices for the detection of hydrocyanic acid residues are not called "Gasprüfer", but rather, "Blausäurerestnachweisgeräte". The instructions for the use of Zyklon B, dated 1942, mention these devices no less than six times [Nuremberg Document NI-9912].  

- if the health service responsible for the delousing action ran out of hydrocyanic acid detection devices, they would certainly not have ordered them from an oven construction firm which had nothing to do with their manufacture;

- "Gasprüfer" are understood to be devices for the analysis of CO or CO2 combustion gases which arise during the carburation of coke in the generator of a crematory oven. According to Rademacher, the number of Gasprüfer ordered -- ten -- indicates precisely this application, since crematoria II and III possessed 10 flue gas channels.

This indicates that the document cited by Pressac is a forgery which "mixes apples and oranges"! Since neither the ordering of "hydrocyanic acid residue detection devices", nor the ordering of "gas testers" represents even the slightest proof of the gassing of human beings, the document lacks the slightest probative value even in the event of its authenticity.

Pressac never mentions any of the scientific or technical arguments of the revisionists. Not a single revisionist book is mentioned.

In the absence of any documentary proofs for the gassings of even one Jew in  Auschwitz, Pressac cites a few "criminal traces" in both his first and his second work; these "traces" are supposed to indicate the gassing of human beings.

Millions of people are gassed to death, and the only "proof" for this huge crime, dished up by "today's leading expert on Auschwitz", is nonsense like this! In late 1995, an anthology of articles critical of Pressac was published [ Auschwitz: Nackte Fakten, published by Herbert Verbeke, Vrij Historisch Onderzoek, Postbus 60, 2600 Berchem, Belgium].  

It dawned on the exterminationists that Pressac had done their cause a disservice. In Le Monde juif (January April 1996), the Jew Maurice Cling mercilessly criticized Pressac -- once celebrated as the "rebutter of the Revisionists" -- accusing him of "manipulations", "inventions", and "deviant statements". The revisionists couldn't have put it better themselves.

Right after the appearance of the second Pressac book, the Jewish film producer Claude Lanzmann (he who -- in his nine-and-a-half hour "gas chamber epic", Shoa -- filmed the barber Abraham Bomba describing how 17 barbers supposedly cut the hair off 70 naked women in a gas chamber at Treblinka measuring 4 x 4 m), angrily criticized Pressac, saying "I prefer the tears of the barbers of Treblinka to Pressac's 'gas testers'".

"The Germans destroyed all the documents"

If one were to ask the Holocaust historians why there is such an absence of unequivocal documentary evidence of the mass murder of the Jews, most of them will reply that the Germans destroyed all the documents right before the end of the war. This claim is actually made by one of the star witnesses from amongst the ranks of the accused, namely, Brazilian SS Man Pery Broad, who compiled detailed notes in British imprisonment. On the last page of Broad's Erinnerungen [in the anthology Auschwitz in den Augen der SS, Krajowa Agencja Wydawniczna, Katowice, 1981], he says:  

Before the buildings of the Auschwitz offices blazed piles of documents, while the structures utilized in committing the greatest mass murder in the history of mankind were blown up...  

Broad was released as early as 1947 although the British could have shot or hanged him without further ado, since every German, especially every SS man, was free game at that time. Quite obviously, early release was his reward for services rendered, services which continue to comprise a major contribution to solidifying the image of the "Final Solution", at that time still in the unformed, fluid state.

. Next, Simone Veil, although thinking perhaps to get herself out of the difficulty, worsened her own case; in effect, in order to support what she was saying, it would be necessary for her to prove not only that the gas chambers had existed, but that the Nazis had destroyed them and killed all the witnesses: an enormous criminal undertaking raising the questions of when, on what order, with whom and by what means the Germans had carried it out in the greatest secrecy.

It is simply quite untrue that piles of documents blazed at Auschwitz, since huge numbers of documents are available precisely from this largest of all "extermination camps". The Moscow Special Archives contain approximately 90,000 pages of documents from the Construction Administration, i.e., precisely the same organization which was responsible for the construction of the crematorium and therefore, according to the Holocaust legend, for building the gas chambers allegedly located in the crematoria.

During two rather lengthy stays in Moscow (July-August as well as November-December 1995), we  examined all 90,000 pages of documents together with the Italian researcher Carlo Mattogno (Mattogno's American publisher Russel Granata was also present during the first visit). Some of these documents, perhaps 20,000 pages, consist of copies made by the Germans of other pages; approximately 70,000 other pages are primary documents. Not one single document provides any proof of mass gassings of human beings. This in no way surprised us, since if such a document had existed, it would long ago have been triumphantly displayed to the world. Two prominent representatives of the extermination school, Jean-Claude Pressac and the British Jew Gerald Fleming, have both worked in this archive and examined part of the documentation. Neither Pressac nor Fleming found the long-sought documentary proof for the homicidal gas chambers.

The objection that the Germans could have sifted out the incriminating documents just in time and destroyed them, is extremely naive.

Just imagine such a situation:

In autumn 1994, when the decision is made to evacuate Auschwitz before the approaching Red Army, Commandant Richard Baer issues the following order to his subordinates: "Sort out all the documents which prove the gassing of the Jews, and burn them, but leave all other documents lying around for the Russians". Could anything be more naive? They could have burnt the entire archive of documents in a few hours! QUITE OBVIOUSLY, THE REASON WHY THE GERMANS LEFT ALL THE DOCUMENTS BEHIND WAS BECAUSE IT NEVER OCCURRED TO THEM THAT THE DOCUMENTS COULD INCRIMINATE THEM IN ANY WAY!

The same applies to the camp Majdanek, for which mountains of documents are also available.

Conjuring up "proof"

Since the defenders of the orthodox Holocaust image could not possibly be content themselves with "eyewitness testimony" alone, they were compelled to come up with a number of documents which allegedly prove the gas chamber genocide. In doing so, the main method they chose is to deliberately distort documents. 

Carlo Mattogno describes this as follows [La soluzione finale, Edizioni di Ar, 1991]:  

The Nuremberg inquisitors created... an absurd method of interpretation which made it possible to interpret any meaning they wished into any document, but which isn't there. The point of departure for this method of interpretation was the unproven and arbitrary axiom that the NS authorities used a sort of code language, even in the most secret documents, the key to which the Nuremberg inquisitors naturally pretended to have discovered. The systematic false interpretation of documents which, in themselves, had nothing to do with extermination, then followed as a matter of course.

The best-known example of this type of false interpretation is represented by the interpretation of the word 'Final Solution' which became a synonym for the 'extermination of the Jews'...  

In truth and in fact, there is not the slightest proof that 'Final Solution' ever referred to any alleged 'Hitler plan for the extermination of the European Jews'. There are even documents which prove the contrary. These documents relate to the policy followed by the National Socialists with regards to Jewish emigration...  

Let us consider below some of the "documentary proofs" for the Holocaust repeatedly trundled out for us in the standard literature - either undoubtedly genuine or doubtful, but deliberately falsely interpreted.

Documents on the "The Final Solution to the Jewish Question"  

What the National Socialists understood by "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" is the emigration, by force if necessary, of all Jews from Europe. Madagascar was originally intended to serve as the home of the Jews, but this plan could not be realized. After conquering extensive territories in the East at the beginning of the Russian campaign, the creation of at least a provisional Jewish settlement area in each zone was considered. That a considerable number of Jews were actually sent to White Russia and the Baltic states, is admitted even by the exterminationists. Of course, such deportations make nonsense of the exterminationist argument: why send Jews right past six "extermination camps" running full tilt, all the way to White Russia and the Baltic states, if a decision has been made for the complete extermination of Jewry?

In his book Die zweite babylonische Gefangenschaft [Grabert, Tübingen, 1992], Steffen Werner collects a number of clues indicating that considerable numbers of Jews were in fact sent to White Russia and settled there. That Auschwitz was used as a transit camp for the Eastern settlement of Jews not registered at Auschwitz and therefore assumed by exterminationists to have been gassed, has been shown by the Spaniard Enrique Aynat [Estudios sobre el Holocausto, Graficas Hurtado, Valencia 1994].

The character of German policy towards the Jews is clearly revealed by a document drawn up by Martin Luther, an official of the Foreign Office, on 21 August 1942 [Nuremberg Document NG-2586]:  

The evacuation of the Jews from Germany has begun on the basis of the... mentioned instruction of the Führer (on the resettlement of the Jews). It was considered whether to include the Jewish citizens of countries which had also taken Jewish measures... the number of Jews shifted to the East in this manner does not suffice to cover the labour requirements. The Reichssicherheitsamt approached the Foreign Office, upon the instructions of the Reichsführer SS, to ask the Slovakian government to make 20,000 strong young Jews from Slovakia available for transfer to the East.

Hans Heinrich Lammers, Director of the Reichschancellory, was asked about his knowledge of the Final Solution by attorney Dr. Thoma during the Nuremberg Trial. In 1942, he had asked Himmler what the "Final Solution of the Jewish question" was to be understood to mean; after which Himmler informed him that this meant the evacuation of the Jews to the East. In 1943, rumours came to Lammers' attention according to which the Jews were being exterminated. He investigated the matter, and returned to Himmler, who reacted as follows [Nuremberg trial transcript IMT XI pp. 82/83 (German text)]. 

He [Himmler] brought out a lot of pictures and albums and showed me the work that was being done in these camps by the Jews and how they worked for the war needs -- the shoemakers' shops, tailors' shops, and so forth. He told me: 'This is the order of the Führer: if you believe that you have to take action against it, then tell the Führer....' I once again reported this matter to the Führer, and on this occasion he gave me exactly the same reply which I  had been given by Himmler. He said, 'I shall later on decide where these Jews will be taken and in the meantime they are being cared for there.'  

The following dialogue took place between Dr. Thoma and Lammers: 

Thoma: Did Himmler ever tell you that the Final Solution of the Jewish problem was to take place through the extermination of the Jews?

Lammers: That was never mentioned. He talked only about evacuation.

Thoma: When did you hear that these five million Jews had been exterminated?

Lammers: I heard of that here a while ago.

The chief of the Reichschancellory, who, according to the Enzyklopaedie der Holocaust, received "all anti-Jewish measures" across his desk, [Enzyklopaedie des Holocaust], therefore only learned at Nuremberg that the Final Solution of the Jewish question was to take place through their extermination!  

The Korherr Report

A report drawn up by the SS statistician Richard Korherr [Nuremberg documents NO-5194 and NO-5193] in early 1943 for Dr. Rudolf Brandt of Himmler's staff is constantly quoted by the orthodox historians as "proof of the Holocaust" . According to the report, the number of European Jews in Europe had been reduced by nearly half in the time period between 1933 and 1943. 1,873,549 Jews are stated to have been lost as the result of "evacuations including Theresienstadt and including Sonderbehandlung" (Theresienstadt was a ghetto for mostly elderly and privileged Jews).

Korherr then lists the Jews evacuated from Baden and the Pfalz to France, from the territory of the Reich, including the Protectorate and Bialystock, to the East, and from the territory of the Reich and the Protectorate to Theresienstadt, presenting his statistics as follows:  

4. Transport of Jews from the Eastern provinces to the Russian East: 1,449,692 Jews - Transit through the camps in the General Gouvernement 1,274,166 Jews - Through the camps in the Wartegau 145,301 Jews

If one considers the number of the Jews transported to the East, one notes that they correspond very exactly to the numbers listed in the Holocaust literature as having been exterminated in the "pure extermination camps" at that time, of Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, and Chelmno. The first three of these "extermination camps" were located in the General Gouvernement , Chelmno lay in the Warthegau (i.e., in the territory which was originally German, but is today Polish, having been annexed by Poland after WWI and reincorporated into Germany in 1939). The strategy of the falsifiers of history is obvious: to deliberately misinterpret the unambiguous expression "transport" as a code word for "murder".

The Korherr Report has been examined by Georges Wellers from the exterminationist point of view [La solution finale et la Mythomanie néo-nazie , published by Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, Paris, 1979], and by Stephen Challer [Richard Korherr and his Reports, Cromwell Press, London 1993] and Carlo Mattogno [Dilettanti allo Sbaraglio, Edizioni di Ar, Padova, 1996] from the revisionist point of view.

Documents which contradict the extermination theory

But it gets even worse for the Holocaust scribblers. A flood of indisputably genuine documents namely prove that NO extermination of the Jews was planned.

If the National Socialists had planned the physical extermination of the Jews at any time, there should have been no more documents, dated later, speaking of the use of the Jews for their labour; yet such documents exist by the ton. We already discussed one of them, the Luther Memorandum; here are a few more examples.

At the end of 1942, Himmler wrote to KL Inspector Richard Glücks [Nuremberg Document NO-500]:  

Prepare to accept 100,000 male Jews and up to 50,000 female Jews in the concentration camp in the next 4 weeks. Great economic tasks will arise in the concentration camps in the coming weeks.  

Hadn't Himmler yet been informed about the decision to exterminate the Jews, made at the Wannsee Conference by subordinates, or was "large economic tasks" a camouflage term for "gassing"?

On 18 November 1943, the Auschwitz camp administration received the order from WVHA (Wirtschaftsverwaltungshauptamt) of the SS to grant premiums to good workers, INCLUDING JEWS (52). What Jewish workers? According to the Himmler speeches at Posen of October 1943 and quoted in Holocaust literature a thousand times over, all the European Jews had already been exterminated by that time!

On 9 March 1944, as the extermination of the Hungarian Jews was already running full tilt, according to the legend, Himmler wrote to the Chief of the SS Main Office as well as to the SS Economic Main Administration Office stating [Nuremberg document NO-5689]:  

Te Führer has ordered the transfer of 10,000 men, with officers and non-commissioned officers, to supervise the 200,000 Jews being transferred to the concentration camps of the Reich in order to put them to work on large construction projects for the OT [Organization Todt] and other projects of importance to the war."

What did they need to supervise gassed Jews for?

On 15 August 1944, the WVHA reported the delivery of 612,000 persons, INCLUDING 90,000 HUNGARIAN JEWS, to the work camps [Nuremberg document NO-1990). And the Hungarian Minister for the Interior Gabor Wajna reports, Himmler is said to have reported that the production of fighter planes had been increased by 40% due to the assignment of Hungarian Jews.

How was this possible? All 438,000 deported Hungarian Jews, including the 28,000 registered in Auschwitz, were gassed between May and July in Birkenau [Enzyklopaedie des Holocaust]! How could these gassing victims still work on the manufacture of fighter planes?

The absurdity of the notion that the Germans could even think of exterminating huge numbers of people capable of working at precisely a time when they were in desperate need of manpower, has even dawned on a few Holocaust writers. Hannah Arendt wonders [Le origini del totalitarismo, Milan, 1967, quoted by Carlo Mattogno in La soluzione finale]:  

The inconceivability of the horror is closely related to its economic uselessness. The Nazis drove this uselessness to the greatest extremes, even to open anti-utilitarianism, by building gigantic and expensive extermination factories in the middle of the war and transported people back and forth, despite the lack of building materials and rolling stock. In the eyes of a strictly utilitarian world, the obvious contrast between these actions and all military necessity gave the whole undertaking an appearance of insane unreality.  

It appears to us that there is an "appearance of insane unreality" floating over the theories of the orthodox historians.

In conclusion, we wish to comment on two Auschwitz documents.

The first of these documents is dated 30 June 1943. It was prepared by a doctor at Auschwitz who reported that an inmate, Jaroslaus Murka, had been "admitted to the HKB (main hospital) with numerous haematoma on the skull, in the face, upper arm and breast, disturbances of vision and concussion". The doctor then asks that the guilty parties be punished.

In a camp in which between 470,000 and 9 million Jews were murdered, according to which historian you believe, the Germans, therefore, took the trouble to write up a report about a beaten inmate, and to demand punishment for the guilty party. The victim was admitted to hospital.....  

The second document proves that